Finding moments of stillness in the swirling of life around me.

I am a mother of 2. A little boy and an even littler girl. Recently quit my job, so adjusting to not working. Now, I am rocking the hell out of the stay-at-home mom thing. (Just kidding, I'm lucky if I remember to brush my teeth everyday!)

I am also on a spiritual quest so that I can live the best life for me and my family.

I enjoy my kids, my husband, the outdoors, hiking and camping, gardening, crafts, reading, and writing. This blog will reflect mostly these interests. I don't typically reblog much.

Please feel free to ask me anything, but I ask that you do not reblog photos of my kids. Thanks!


"Mom, I want to do yoga with Rosie, because she is my friend. She is my best friend."

Glad I had 2 of them…

Mommy Daughter camping weekend!  We don’t need any stinking boys!  :)